Week 3 Menu

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Two weeks down. 25% there.

And to be honest, while some might be struggling, eating Whole30 food is kinda becoming second nature to me. Yes- it sometimes requires a call to a local restaurant to make sure their pulled pork rub doesn't include sugar (sorry Mission BBQ- I was that weirdo on the phone), but overall I feel like I've been doing pretty well. I haven't been going crazy with Twinkie cravings nor have I woken up from sleep walking with my face in a bag of chocolate chips. I consider that a win.

But for those that aren't having the easiest time, no worries. It hasn't been all rainbows and butterflies. I am a little concerned that while I feel a little better {still don't feel invincible, but better than I was pre-challenge), it's not really helping me look any better. I did a no-no and stepped on the scale this morning and I haven't lost a pound. Now, I realize that the scale only tells part of the story. I very easily could be gaining muscle {and probably am} while losing fat. But I was really hoping that this challenge would help my pants fit a bit better after some holiday feating. I just have to keep remembering that there's still 45 more days- I have a long ways to go. Here's hoping my body starts catching up :)

On the menu this week:
     Prosciutto Egg Cups with Roasted Sweet Potatoes
     Turkey Chili
     Porkchops and Applesauce w/ Brussels Sprouts
     Butternut Squash Lasagna
     Bacon-wrapped Meatballs with Sweet Potato Fries
     Clementines, Bananas, Olives, Pistachios, Coconut-Rolled Dates, & Homemade RxBars

Sunday's prep looked like this:
     Bake egg cups
     Roast sweet potatoes
     Cook chili
     Make RxBars

I'm in the middle of brewing my first batch of kombucha, so I'm hoping to get a how-to post about that up soon. And last week I clarified by own butter to make ghee so I'll make sure to write up how that went {in a word: awesomely}. However, not all kitchen adventures turn out well. Case in point: I attempts at homemade beef jerky tunred into a crumbly, charred mess. I think I'm better off just buying some.....Oh well, can't win 'em all.

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