About Me

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by See Sarah Bake {SSB}.  I would be the aforementioned Sarah: a twenty-something chemical engineer by day, blogger by night.

I originally hale from the land of corn and cows (Illinois) but became an East Coaster after I graduated college and had to find myself a big-girl job. 

I live with Max- a mini schnauzer that walks backwards on linoleum and prefers to hide under my kitchen table where the scary world can't get him {the 'scary world' being the sound of the ice maker turning on and off...}

I started SSB because of my previous obsession with all things chocolate. And cookies. And cakes. And brownies. However, over the years it's morphed into much more than that and now it's my little nook of the interwebs to talk about all things I love: food. fashion. beauty. travel. and the list goes on.

But one thing hasn't changed- all that love is still fueled by massive amounts of coffee.

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