Week 2 Menu & Sweet Potato Wedges {recipe}

Week 1: done! And I'd say it was a pretty good success. I had a few 'kill all the things' moments, but other than that, not too many side effects. I felt really good in the gym later in the week. On Thursday, we had a really quick but cardio-intense WOD and I was able to keep a really good pace and on Friday, I PR'd my front squat by 25 lbs. I'd say a success so far. :-) Next week, I really want to focus on getting at least 8 hours of sleep if not more. I can definitely feel a difference when I get just a little bit more rest.

Now on to Week 2! So what am I eating? I'm doing things a little different this week:

One- no trail mix snacks. Mostly because I find I eat it even when I'm not hungry because the sweet & salty combo is too good to resist.

Two- I really want to focus on a good post-WOD recovery snack. So to get more protein, I'm going to attempt homemade jerky. We'll see how that goes.... I'm also planning on tinkering around with making my own apple cinnamon RXBars ::fingers crossed::

Three- I had a TON of leftovers last week, so I'm only going to do 2 different dinner meals and since I'm not really eating any fruit throughout the day, each night will be with a side of sweet potato wedges {my fav!} for a bit more carbs {I don't want to be completely carb-deficient.}

Breakfast: Fiesta Egg Scramble {recipe post tomorrow}
Lunch: Buffalo Ranch Chicken Stuffed Peppers with Guacamole {I really like these cups because you can have guac on hand and it doesn't go brown in the fridge}
Snacks: Antipasto Snack {again, but this time with jerky}
Post-WOD: Jerky with some portable carb {banana, clementine, etc}
Dinners: Either Cajun Chicken or Grilled Italian Sausage with Sweet Potato Wedges {recipe for wedges below}

For my weekly prep work, I need to season and brown chorizo {for the egg scramble}, chop and saute onions and bell peppers {also for breakfast}, make jerky {fingers crossed it goes well!}, bake chicken {for lunch}, and assemble and bake stuffed peppers.

This week, I also have a few kitchen experiments going on. I want to attempt to make my own ghee using this recipe for NomNomPaleo and I purchased all the supplies to brew my own kombucha {or moldy juice as James calls it}.  I think I might have reached official 'hippie' status.....

But no matter....now on to my favorite side dish ever. I would literally eat sweet potatoes every day for dinner {and this week I will} and this is my absolute favorite way to prepare them.

Sweet Potato Wedges

What You Need:
  • Sweet Potato {1 medium potato per person}
  • Oil {I use olive oil because I don't like the taste of coconut oil, even though Whole30 recommends not heating olive oil
  • Salt

What To Do:

  1. Preheat oven to 475F. Have your top rack in the middle of the oven with your bottom rack directly below it and lay a large piece of foil down on the bottom rack.
  2. You can peel your sweet potatoes if you'd like {sometime I do, sometime I don't- it just depends}. Then cut down into wedges. How I do this is I cut the sweet potato in half lengthwise, then aain in half again lengthwise {so you've quartered the potato}. I then slice each quarter into ~3 wedges. So you get about 12-15 wedges per potato, give or take. If it's a really long sweet potato, half each wedge.         
  3. Lightly toss with oil and salt. Place wedges directly on the top oven rack with the large piece of aluminum foil on the rack below {to catch anything that might fall/drip}.
  4. Bake for 12-15 minutes, until the outsides have started to brown and the insides are tender. Serve immediately. Especially good with sriratcha ketchup when not on Whole30 :)

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