Day 3 and 4- More Of The Same and Antipasto Snack Pack {Recipe}

It's probably a good time to mention that these challenge posts might get a little monotonous. Mostly because between the hours of 6am and 6pm, I eat the same thing every day, all week long. This isn't a rule of the challenge or the Whole 30 program. This is just a Sarah-ism.

Personally, I just find it easier to cook a lot of one thing than lots of different little things. So all this week, breakfast has been {and will continue to be} eggs with sausage and sweet potato and lunch is a tasty bowl of italian sausage with roasted brussels sprouts. Snacks consist of almond/cashew/date trail mix and my antipasto snack, an idea a stole from Melissa of The Clothes Make The Girl and the Well Fed books. But since I've been referencing it enough and I plan to make it a regular {read: until I get sick of it, which I doubt will happen because I really love it}, I figure I'd do a post on it. {See recipe (and I use that term loosely) down below}

Day 3's dinner was left over spaghetti squash pizza pie from Day 2 and tonight I made Asian Chicken Thighs with green beans. {The green beans were frozen which I steam cooked in the microwave with some salt and lemon-pepper}.

I'm doing better on limiting fruits after dinner. My tooth brushing trick seems to be working :)

Antipasto Snack Pack
From Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan

What You'll Need:

  • 1/2 Red Bell Pepper, cut into strips
  • Handful Black Olives
  • 1-2 Mini Dill Pickles 
  • 2-3 slices Deli Chicken Breast
  • Salt

What To Do:

This really isn't much of a recipe. I sprinkle the red pepper strips with a little bit of salt and combine in a small plastic container with the olives, pickles, and chicken. Makes a great snack full of veggies, protein, and healthy fat.

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  1. Hi, I'm reading Well Fed right now and you appear to be missing the cucumbers. :)
    From her book: "For example, one of my favorite snacks is what I call an “Antipasto Snack Pack.” It’s composed of a handful of snap peas, half a red pepper cut into strips, and half a cucumber sliced into coins, plus a handful of black olives, a piece of cold grilled chicken, and a little dill pickle."

    It might also be worth noting that at the link (which you did provide) they offer a free 30-page pdf sampler. So far I am really loving this book and the idea of a "Cooking WOD" is genius.