What I'm Loving Right Now: Throwback

I've grown up a completely modern girl.  There wasn't a time I remember when we didn't have 100 TV channels with nothing on.  I've had access to computers my entire life (grant it, they're gotten SIGNIFICANTLY faster and smaller....).  I've never been tied down by a corded phone and have had a cell phone since I was 14.  And the first album I ever bought myself was on a CD, not a tape or record. 

But I still love the idea of "how things used to be".  I started drooling over the cast iron skillet below and it got me thinking about all the other amazing additions that I "need" for my kitchen that some would consider archaic or out-dated.  I don't care if they're been around for a while.  A classic never gets old.

  1. Cast Iron Skillet. Lodge Logic, $30
  2. Tea Kettle. Le Creuset, $50
  3. Hand Beater. Norpro, $15
  4. French Press. Bodum, $37
  5. Cookie Jar.  Walter Drake, $20
  6. The ENTIRE Big Chill Line.  Big Chill, $totally worth it
  7. Fiestaware. Fiesta, $27
  8. Mason Jar Glasses.   Libbey, $20 for 12

The Big Chill kitchen may not technically be a "throwback" considering they're retro-fied modern appliances, but how can you look at then and not totally envy that kitchen?!


  1. I was given a cast iron skillet for Christmas last year and it is easily my favorite pan in the kitchen. You're right, sometimes you can't beat a classic.

    On a side note, I was taken aback when you said that your first album was on CD instead of cassette tape and that you never had a phone with a cord... I really didn't think I was that old! :)

  2. Haha- I'm pretty sure we're right around the same age. I just wasn't allowed to do a lot of things (like buy music or talk on the phone) until high school- uber strict parents....