60 Day Paleo Challenge aka What Have I Gotten Myself Into

So once upon a time I had a little {very little} food blog. Not much ever came of it, but it was a fun hobby and a great excuse to bake delicious desserts. Well, I'm taking quite a detour from that.  When I last posted (almost 8 months ago!), I was just starting this crazy thing called "Crossfit".  Well, you can basically blame Crossfit for why I never post anymore (and it's a good thing- I absolutely love it and it's a much healthier hobby than baking cookies).

Well, my Crossfit gym is doing a 60 day challenge. There's 3 facets to the challenge: nutrition, sleep, and physical activity. The nutrition is the largest factor. We'll be following the plan set out by the amazing minds behind Whole9life.com and the book It Starts with Food. This handy graphic breaks it down:

For 60 days, I'll stick to a strict, Whole30 compliant diet.  In addition to eating good food, I'm aiming for 8 hours of sleep every night and getting to the gym 5 days a week plus including one mobility/yoga class a week.

Every week, I'll post my menu and shopping list in hopes that maybe my crazy Type-A planning brain will help others trying to tackle the challenge. I'm not going to focus on calories or macros, but rather just eating good, wholesome food for 60 days. No cheats. {And note- my birthday falls during the challenge. How's that for crazy?}

The challenge starts on Sunday January 12th.  Anyone out there wanna join me?

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