Travel: Clearwater Beach

I may be a full-time working adult in a world where Spring Break doesn't exist, but I'm not gonna let that stop me.  A couple weeks ago, the James and I packed up and headed south for some much needed warmer weather.

While Clearwater Beach might not be everyone's first choice for a spring break getaway {it's no Panama City or Cancun}, we had a great time and found plenty to do. The reason why we picked Clearwater was for the Sun 'n Fun Airshow which was taking place about an hour away {I know we're a bunch of nerds- but that's what happens when one- not me- is a pilot and we both work on airplanes for a living}. 

The rest of the time was spent reading on the beach {I re-read The Great Gatsby in anticipation of the movie coming out soon}, eating A LOT, getting really sunburnt {when they say reapply SPF every 2 hours, reapply SPF every two hours}, catching up with some old friends {J went to college down in Florida and has several buddies that still live down there}, and even enjoying an old favorite on the big screen {rainy day}. Hope you don't mind that I share some pictures, all expertly taken with my phone, of course.

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