It's the freakin' weekend baby

I'm about to have me some fun.

{yes, of all the songs in the world, I just quoted an R. Kelly song. And yes, I realize this reference is literally a decade old. Moving on...}

I'm super excited for this weekend.  Tonight, my beloved Cubbies are in town tonight to play the Nationals! I can't wait to endulge in a hotdog and some beer {and potentially be heckled by Nats fans for wearing Chicago gear on their home turf}.  Saturday morning, I finish up my CrossFit fundamentals class {after tomorrow, I can start attending regular classes} and then later that night, some friends of mine are hosting a BBQ.  Sunday will be filled with sleeping in, laundry, and an un-godly amount of Netflix marathoning {no judging- you know you're guilty of it too ;-)}

See you Monday! Until then, enjoy some choice internet finds I stumbled on.

Sometimes life isn't fair.

Everyday of my life.

In love with this photo series.

Can't wait to try making these.

Wait...Trix doesn't come in fruit shapes anymore {#19}

Chomping at the bit to chop it off. Or dye it. Or do *something*

Unique way to choose your drink

This should help with my Sunday plans

Weekend DIY?

I'm not even a hockey fan, but this story is too awesome

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