Have a great weekend

I think I've officially lost my mind. Tomorrow, I'm going to wake up at 6:15am {on a Saturday, no less}, drive myself to a gym that its regulars ffectionately call "The Bunker" and pay someone ridiculous amounts of money to teach me the fundamentals of CrossFit which will include being yelled at by Marines, failing spectacularly at weight lifting and chin-ups and end with me on the floor in a puddle of my own sweat. But at least it isn't running. I. Hate. Running.

Here's to hoping your days off will be a bit more relaxing.

Seriously? How amazing were these two?

Zara has home goods now? Shutup!

Quitting, like a boss

I'll be using this tutorial to keep my beach tan without the fear of another sunburn

Want. {yeah- I'm a secret bad-ass. Well, a bad-ass that wants a sleeve tattoo without the guts to actually get one....so really, not bad-ass at all}

Super cool nail polishes

When life is unpleasant

In need of a nerd-tastic t-shirt?

If anyone wants to make this for me, I won't stop them

English is not enough

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