Twenty Twelve

I love New Years.  Whether you're the type that makes resolutions or not, I always feel like each new year brings a fresh start.  2011 brought quite a bit of changes to my life and I see 2012 being even more spectacular :)

I saw a similar graphic like this on pinterest and decided to make my own.  I stole kept some from the original and added some of my own.  It's getting printed out and posted everywhere- bathroom mirror, fridge, cubical wall.  I'm going to make 2012 fabulous!

What about you? Did any of you make resolutions?


  1. I'm not a "resolution" girl but I love this so much to show my goals and what I'm working on right now that I went on Pinterest (which I get on only every couple of months right now :( ) and found it so that I could make one for myself. I'll be posting mine on my personal blog when I get it done... is it my son's naptime yet so that I can make it!? ;) Thanks, Sarah, and may 2012 be blessed for you!!

  2. Just a hint- I used Picnik. Just uploaded a blank file and typed away. Totally easy because you can just drag the text to fit any size. It was so fun and motivational- I love it! :)

  3. BLESS YOU!! I was just coming on to find what you used as I thought it was a template when I initially looked at it. Love picnik... that's what I used with my gallary pic on my "timeline" on FB. Off to figure out what to write... :) Thanks for making my life easier and more inspired, Sarah !!