Its True Love

So I've recently entered into a love affair with Dove chocolate.  I've never tried it until a few weeks ago when I made the peanut butter blossoms.  Before that, I'd get my daily (yes- daily) chocolate fix in the form of a couple Hershey kisses.  And there were never any complaints from my taste buds. 

But then I had a Dove promise and my entire world changed.  So rich & smooth & creamy.  Just a little nibble and I'm in heaven.  A piece (or two. or three. but rarely four...) and my insatiable sweet tooth is on cloud nine.

Plus, how can you hate a candy that is constantly leaving you with cute, uplifting messages?  For those of you that haven't experienced my newest obsession, every wrapper has a something written on the inside- a little secret note just for you.  Its like a chocolate fortune cookie.

Today's was Make a List of Your Dreams.

How does that not just brighten your afternoon? Enjoying a sweet morsel and pondering where you'd like to go in life.


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  1. Just found your blog! I love the banner and little tag underneath it. So cute :)